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Tips: Prevent Damage to the Silicon Carbide Heating Element

 Tips: Prevent Damage to the Silicon Carbide Heating Element

        1. In the choice of buyers to buy when we know that silicon carbon rods can not be violent bumps, so when the choice of the nearest choice, to avoid after a long journey of transport.

        2. At the time of purchase if you can in the storage and transportation when the protection measures to avoid in the transport when too much bumps caused by damage to silicon carbide rods.

        3. In the transport of vehicles can not be placed flammable and explosive and corrosive properties of chemicals.

        4. Silicon carbon rods in the use of time to pay attention to the use of resistance, while the furnace just started running when not too much to add a little current, current and temperature to increase slowly.

        5. Silicon carbon rods in the installation of time to pay attention to leave a certain gap, because the silicon carbon rods in the heating will have a certain degree of expansion, so to leave a certain gap.

        6. When most of the silicon carbide rods are damaged when the furnace should consider the replacement of the furnace silicon carbide rod, and this is conducive to the use of silicon carbide rods.

        7. After wiring to carefully check the metal clip and rod contact is strong, if the contact after the power will cause the phenomenon of arc, so that the whole bar scrap.

        8. When the silicon carbide rod is installed for a long time without the use of the furnace, then the furnace should be used before drying.