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Introduction of Silicon carbide heating element

Silicon carbide heating element is made of high purity green hexagonal as the main raw material, according to a certain material than the processing of blank, by 2200 ℃ high temperature silicification recrystallization sintered and made of rod-like, tubular non-metallic high-temperature heating elements. Oxidizing atmosphere in the normal use of the temperature up to 1450 ℃, continuous use up to 2000 hours.

Because of the high temperature, it has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, fast heating, long life, high temperature deformation, easy installation and maintenance, and good chemical stability.

And automated electronic control system, can get a precise constant temperature, but also according to the needs of the production process by curve automatically thermostat. The use of heating is convenient, safe and reliable. Is widely used in electronic, magnetic materials, powder metallurgy, ceramics, glass, ceramics, semiconductors, analytical laboratory, scientific research and other high-temperature areas, a tunnel kiln, roller kiln, glass kiln, straight furnace, muffle furnace, smelting Furnace and various types of heating equipment, electric heating elements.

Silicon carbide rods Electrothermal components Performance:

 Physical properties:

Component texture: hard and brittle, resistant to rapid cooling, high temperature is not easy to deformation, the other physical properties are as follows:

Density: 3.2 g / cm 3

Mohs hardness: 9.5

Specific heat: 0.17 kcal / kg

Chemical properties:

Have good chemical stability, strong acid resistance. Under high temperature conditions, alkaline substances have an erosion effect.

 product type:

According to the diameter can be divided into: coarse and equal diameter of the two types;

According to the functional shape can be divided into: straight bar, more heat section straight bar, U-shaped bar, W-shaped bar, single and double thread rods, slotted rods, gun-shaped rods,

1. When the silicon carbide rod through the furnace wall on both sides (or up and down) after the rod hole, should be free to rotate 360, to prevent forced installation and beating, rods can be used with the same diameter of the iron pipe test bed.

2. Use must be equipped with a voltage regulator or a thyristor voltage regulator and voltage, but also flow meter and temperature automatic control instruments. In the course of the use of rod oxidation, resistance gradually increased, in order to keep the furnace temperature is normal, should increase the use of voltage. When the voltage is increased to the maximum use of the transformer can not meet the requirements, you can stop the furnace to change the way the rod and then continue to use.

3. When the new furnace starts to send electricity, in order to prevent broken rod, the voltage should be gradually increased. The general starting voltage of the rated voltage of 1/2 is appropriate, all normal and then gradually increase the voltage.

4. New furnaces or long-used electric furnaces (kilns) must be used in the oven before use, as much as possible with old rods or other heat sources.

5. Do not use overload. Such as rods for some reason broken or found uneven rod fever, local incandescent or dark red phenomenon for some time, this shows that the rod is not the same aging, a section of the resistance difference is too large, should stop the furnace for the bar, it is best to replace all the new stick The Such as the replacement of some new sticks or a single stick when the new rod resistance and resistance with a good resistance is not appropriate, resulting in load imbalance, furnace temperature is not uniform. Due to differences in resistance between the great difference between the level of high temperature, will seriously affect the life.

6. If the device or material is fired, there is water in the heating process, the resistance furnace (kiln) to leave the exhaust hole, in order to exclude the furnace of water or other harmful emissions, so as not to affect the rod life.

7. Stick in the storage process, pay attention to moisture. Such as the discovery of rod-side spray aluminum metamorphic deliquescence, the table can be re-sprayed after treatment. Such as no spray aluminum conditions, one can be sprayed in the bar wrapped aluminum foil layer of aluminum re-use.

8. Silicon carbon rods are hard and brittle, especially when transporting, unpacking, installing and replacing. Light to take, lightly, prevent mechanical beat, so as not to break the bar.