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SiC Heating Elements can be thermostat according to the actual temperature required

Silicone carbide/SiC Heating Element manufacturers - Dengfeng City Yuhao high-temperature components Co., Ltd. production of silicon carbide rods in the use of the time according to the actual production process for automatic temperature control. This is why people like to use silicon carbon rods because silicon carbon rods have good performance, widely used, and now has been used in defense, machinery, metallurgy, light, ceramics, semiconductors, analytical laboratory, scientific research and other fields, To become a variety of electric furnace electric kiln electric heating components. Tunnel kiln, roller kiln, glass kiln, vacuum furnace, muffle furnace, smelting furnace and various types of heating equipment, the use of silicon carbon rod heating is convenient, safe and reliable. In the use of time because the temperature can not be immediately controlled, so the need for a certain degree of fitness, silicon carbon rods in the use of the time if the temperature difference is not much, silicon carbon rods can control their own, but if the temperature gap is large according to different Of the resistance to match, so as to facilitate the use of silicon carbide rods.


Silicon carbide Heating Elements widely used in electronics, magnetic materials, powder metallurgy, ceramics, glass, metallurgical and mechanical industries such as a variety of high-temperature electric furnace, electric kiln. And its electric heating equipment. Select the silicon carbide rod manufacturers on the election Dengfeng City Yuhao high-temperature components Limited, where there are first-class production technology, advanced management concepts, and international standards, is your best choice for the purchase of silicon carbon rods.

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