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Yuhao Study on the New Technology of Silicon Carbide SiC Heating Element Production

Silicon carbide (SiC)Heating Elementproduction process has been with the development of the times in the gradual update, we in order to save materials, improve service life and use has been working hard. Now manufacturers have two kinds of silicon carbide heating elements production process, the old process and the new process, the difference between the two processes is in the firing area. Because the new process in the firing time will add a special product, so the life of silicon carbon rods more long-term, this method is also more people's favorite.

Dengfeng City Yuhao High-Temperature Component Co., Ltd. has always insisted on science and technology to determine life, technology to determine the future, the intention of customer service for a better tomorrow for the development of the core concept of technology, so the production technology Oda silicon carbide products Co., Ltd. has a large number of professional R & D personnel. The old process silicon carbide rods are buried by the reaction of sintering, the new process is used in high temperature vacuum furnace sintering. As the burial burning requires coal, the environment has some pollution, many have been banned, most of the use of new technology production. Vacuum furnace sintered silicon carbide rods are not buried in the sintered silicon carbide rods for a long time, so silicon carbide and other materials can not produce a complete reaction, the production of components in some places can not achieve the best results (such as aluminum, glass Plant, vanadium nitrogen alloy, reflective material products will produce a certain amount of corrosive gas sintering, the old process than the new process components corrosion resistance is better).