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How to make SiC Heating Elements Service Longer

Silicon carbon SiC heating element, long life reasons can be divided into two main reasons, one reason is the use of materials, production process is good, the working environment is good, and Yu Hao silicon carbon rod to meet the above; the second reason is the use of personnel operations Reasonable, temperature and installation method is completely correct, and timely inspection, so the use of life will be longer.

        1. Before the use of silicon carbide rods for a reasonable classification, storage environment, dry, ventilated. And in the transport when there will not be much bumps.

        2. In the use of the time will be a detailed inspection of the heating element, through the power test found that each silicon carbon rods look and good performance, while the resistance of silicon carbide rods to ensure that the deviation does not exceed 10%.

        3. At the time of installation to the silicon carbide rod a suitable space, because the heating element in the high temperature environment will occur in the expansion of the phenomenon, so when the installation will ensure that the silicon carbide rod can be rotated, so that in high temperature environment, there are heating elements A enough space, not because of lack of space to damage.

        4. Electric parts in the operation of the temperature will be a strict control, especially in the beginning of the work of silicon carbon rods, the staff will control the temperature rise slowly, so as to avoid damage caused by sharp processing.

        5. When the use of electric components will be regularly checked, the damaged electric components in time to replace, so as to avoid the lack of silicon carbide rods caused by a large number of silicon carbide damage