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The wiring method of the silicon carbide rod

If the resistance of elements is different, the silicon carbon rod load of high resistance in series can be concentrated, which can lead to the rapid increase of the resistance of a certain root and shorten the life span.

The silicon carbon rod is commonly used in combination of series and parallel connection.

It is recommended to use two series of series in parallel.

Especially when the furnace temperature exceeds 1350 ℃ must be parallel.

Open triangle wiring is recommended for three-phase wiring.

It is proved by practice that the temperature of the hot body and the temperature of the furnace is also great.

High load density, high surface temperature, fast resistance, short life of components.

Therefore, the surface temperature load, density and atmosphere in the furnace are proportional to the aging speed of the elements and inversely proportional to the life span of the elements.

Silicon carbide elements in continuous kiln and intermittent kiln, the former life is longer.

This is because the element is oxidized to the silicon dioxide film on the surface of the surface, and the long time use has increased the silicon dioxide membrane and the resistance has increased.

Silicon dioxide thin film on the crystallization point (270 ℃) near the expansion and contraction.

The continuous use of this temperature in the intermittent kiln has always been floating in this temperature, so the silica film has been repeatedly broken to accelerate oxidation.

As a result, the temperature of the furnace is often reduced to room temperature, which increases the resistance sharply, leading to the shortening of the service life of the components.