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The difference between the Mosi2 heater rod and the electric wire

The Mosi2 resistance heater is made of molybdenum disilicide, high temperature, anti-oxidation. When used in high temperature oxidizing atmosphere, the surface of a layer of bright and dense quartz (SiO2) glass film to protect the inner layer of Mosi2 rod is not oxidized, Mosi2 heater rod components have a unique high temperature oxidation property. The use of Mosi2 heater rod must be equipped with controllable cabinets. Strong mechanically and it is  fragile in the course of transportation .

The electric wire is a high-quality iron chrome aluminum, nickel-chromium electric alloy wire as raw material, control furnace wire power by the computer, high-speed automatic winding machine winding forming. In our normal  life is also used, characterized by high temperature, fast heating, long life, resistance stability, power deviation is small, even after the pitch, the surface bright and clean, widely used in small electric furnace, muffle furnace, heating and air-conditioner equipment , All kinds of ovens, electric tubes and household appliances, etc. When electric furnace wire is working below a very high temperature easy to oxidation reaction and break.

The difference between:

1. the range of using temperature: Mosi2 heater rod general using temperature at 1000 - 1750 , SIC heater rod is in the 800 -1500 , electric wire is controlled at 200 -500

2. property: the use of Mosi2 heater rod, SIC heater rod must use SCR regulator, used to adjust the rated voltage of the furnace to control the furnace temperature. The electric wire can not be equipped.

3. repair : electric wire is often broken, people often take the broken head and then use such a joint place will have a higher resistance, so not a long time, will be broken. Using a thick copper wire or aluminum wire to bend the ends of the wire, around the electric wire. This connection does not produce high resistance and is more durable. However, the SIC heater rod and Mosi2 heater rod can not be repaired after they are broken, seriously affecting the furnace power and heating case .