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How to select Mosi2 heater rod type according to the electric furnace usage case

In the domestic market, the model of electric furnace Mosi2 heater rod  include: Φ3 / 6, Φ4 / 9, Φ6 / 12, Φ9 / 18, Φ12 / 24 and other specifications. D1 is the hot zone diameter, D2 is the cold zone diameter, Le is the hot zone length, Lu is the cold zone length and A is the center distance .

However, the most electric furnace Mosi2 heater rod models are Φ6 / 12 and Φ9 / 18 , hot and cold zone length according to the furnace height and wall thickness to decide. Below, to introduce how to choose Mosi2 heater rod hot zone diameter for 6mm or 9mm ?

To the small test furnace, the hearth is small, the temperature is about 1500 degrees, the power will not be too large, based on the above optional hot zone diameter 6mm, cold zone of 12mm, of course, sometimes small furnace can be used Φ3 / 6 ( Mainly depends on the size of the furnace).

To the large electric furnace, the first look at the using temperature, the second look at use power, the third is the voltage. Generally normal circumstances according to the length of the furnace, arranged to open, the most are Φ9 / 18. If some manufacturers want to heat up quickly, you can make the hot zone diameter of Mosi2 heater rods to increase or reduce 1 mm, but the quantity of the Mosi2 heater rod need depend on the voltage and power. If be afraid of the voltage can not reach up, a few less can be available ,arrange the distance is ok, general is 10cm . (according to the temperature of the furnace need to decide the type of Mosi2 heater rod)

 Note: The usage of electric furnace Mosi2 heater rod must use the control cabinet and matched accessories.