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The notice of the SIC heater

The SIC heater heating notice: silicon carbon rod is the common  heating element, we must note that the cases below when we use it to heat

a. silicon carbon rod furnace diameter should be 1.4 to 1.6 times the outer diameter of the cold end, the hole is too small or the hole stuffing too tight, high temperature will hinder the free expansion of silicon rods lead to break the rods. While the installation should be able to make silicon carbon rods free to turn 360 degrees.

b. the length of the cold end of the silicon carbide rod should be equal to the thickness of the furnace wall plus the length of the cold end out of the furnace wall. The generally cold end extends from 50 to 150 mm in length to cool the cold end and the connecting fixture.

c. the silicon carbon rods and heated objects and the distance between the furnace wall should be greater than or equal to 3 times the diameter of the heating section. The center distance between the silicon carbide rod and the silicon carbide rod shall be not less than four times the diameter of the heat generating portion.


d. for the silicon carbide rod equipped with pressure regulator. The initial voltage of the transmission is half of its normal operating voltage, and the voltage is gradually increased after a certain period of time, make sure that the silicon carbon rod will not be broken due to improving the temperature suddenly.