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How to protect the SIC heating element

In the production of modern enterprises, found that after the SIC heating element is damaged, should be replaced with the same specifications and similar resistance of the new SIC heating element.

       Replace the two ends of the protective cover and SIC heating element chuck, and then remove the damaged SIC heating element, because the SIC heating element is easy to break, the installation must be careful, both ends of the furnace shell should be equal to the outer chuck fasten, so that connect with the SIC heating element. If the chuck has a serious oxidation should be new. The gap at the mounting holes of the SIC heating element is blocked by the asbestos rope. The furnace temperature shall not exceed the maximum operating temperature of 1350 ° C. The SIC heating element allow continuous operation for 4 hours at maximum temperature.

After a long period of time in the furnace, such as the clockwise direction to adjust the heating power control knob to the maximum position, the heating current is still up. Far from the rated value, less than the required heating power, indicating that the SIC heating element has been aging. At this point can be connected in series silicon carbon rods in parallel, can continue to use. Do not remove the silicon carbide rod when changing the connection, just change the connection, and change the connection, the usage of attention should be adjusted slowly adjust the heating power control, heating current value shall not exceed the rated value.

We usually use the SIC heating element, we should be more careful  to reduce the usage of the wrong, do a good job of daily safety, so that we usually produce well .