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How to operate can make SIC heating element better benign operation

(1) In order to make each SIC heating element can be located in the normal and better work static, before the installation of the whole batch of SIC heating element measured its inner resistance, its classification, similar resistance in the uniform control area, each Group components within 5% of the resistance value. So that the working power is similar.

(2)When the SIC heating element inner resistance of 1050 degrees for the quasi-resistance of 900 degrees when the legitimate, for each group of components work well, available voltage ammeter one by one cold resistance inner resistance. Uniform areas in the equivalent voltage under resistance is best.

(3) SIC heating element are easy to break the heating element, especially in the ribs with the most vulnerable, the installation should be careful and gently, the installation should pay special attention to unilateral force, if necessary, the application of heat-resistant rail Tie the silicon carbon stick gently push into the then pull the rail cover, put the jacket fixed.

(4) for the embankment of SIC heating element and the top of the structure of the refractory material affect each other, the components of the foot are insulated with ceramic fiber casing, porcelain fiber casing not only play the role of electrical insulation and also play a fixed silicon The utility of carbon rods.

(5) in the furnace using SIC heating element, the operating temperature is generally below 1550 . In the reducing atmosphere, the maximum operating temperature of 1350 . The firing age of the silicon carbide processing unit is generally 1 to 2 months, up to 3 months.

(6) SIC heating element used in the material, in order to extend the SIC heating element refining equipment furnace age. Can change the top of the material structure, with the file tile will be separated from the work of the material pool, tightly control the material atmosphere.

(7) Decrease the effect of air temperature. The aging rate of silicon carbide components is proportional to the use of air temperature, the higher the temperature, the faster the aging, the shorter the furnace age.