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Company culture

1. The role of corporate culture

   Corporate culture is the sum of corporate behavior and employee behavior and basic morality, but also the external embodiment of corporate personality. Corporate culture cohesion of the wisdom of leadership, reflects the staff's sincerity, reflects the business leaders of the responsibility, play, goals, beliefs and basic qualities. The establishment of corporate culture represents a corporate milestone, but also a special corporate system. As the saying goes: "no rules are not a radius", a corporate culture determines the core of the enterprise, there is no cultural infiltration, the foundation is unstable. To corporate culture for the effective implementation of the system to ensure that the combination of corporate strategy echo, but the enterprise to mature, to promote the development of enterprises!

   Harsh enterprise system is not possible, but if combined with the corporate culture, the corporate culture into the enterprise system management, the formation of a 'just in the tenderness of the scene', then such enterprises would not like Copper wall in general!

2. Dengfeng Yu Hao high-temperature components of the corporate culture:

Service - sincere and professional service is our aim

Integrity - integrity is our fundamental

Professional - professional technology is our foundation

Enthusiasm - enthusiasm is our commitment to the same customer

Responsibility - quality first is our responsibility

   We will be based on the corporate culture in the "excellent manufacturing, the pursuit of excellence" principle, in the development of their own at the same time, with high-quality products, the most sincere service, a progressive enterprise, sincere for the major users The General manager of the company often say to the staff: sincere service, people - oriented, constantly reflect, keep making progress, calm and calm, innovation, forget the original heart, make customer satisfaction products is our duty!

   Deng Feng Yu Hao commitment:

① to provide customers with quality products and services. Quality first, the pursuit of perfection.

② concerned about the staff, the amount of use, to stimulate the potential of employees, staff to play the enthusiasm and innovation.

③ integrity is responsible, fulfill their duties. Enthusiastic service, forge ahead.

④ achievements of the company, strengthen the company, the corporate culture will play a greater role.

    We will always "integrity, professionalism, truth-seeking, innovative" spirit of enterprise, corporate culture, entrepreneurial spirit and business management integration as a corporate guide, we will set packaging, shipping, transportation, sale as one, sincere, Professional service to win every customer's praise! We will continue to forge ahead, with quality products and services to create a win-win!