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Prolonging the service life of the molybdenum alloy head method and Suggestions

Molybdenum alloy immediate destruction is mainly in the process of using thermal stress fatigue crack, crack originated in the holes and table and local lesions. In order to improve the molybdenum alloy immediate service life in practical production. Should be evenly dispersed distribution as much as possible in the body, a fine grains, increase the use of molybdenum alloy head strength. From the following several party and to improve the performance of the molybdenum alloy head.

(1) must first raise the compact forming pressure, thus improve the compact density.

(2) to establish the reasonable sintering process, reduce sintering defects as far as possible, and the sintering products in the hole, and mixed with the alloy elements in the base (3) sintering good head in subsequent mechanical processing should try to reduce its table and damage, keep watch while excessive smooth and stress concentration and crack source.

(4) the wear tube, should avoid molybdenum alloy head temperature change quickly, reduce internal stress, thus improve the service life.

(5) the elongated than crack growth resistance of coarse grain structure can effectively, improve the toughness of the material, so the head of molybdenum alloy can undertake large deformation of the forging or extrusion, make the grain stretched as far as possible, form the aspect ratio of large swallowtail organization, this will help to improve the toughness of molybdenum alloy head.