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Head of the life and molybdenum head shape design

   The life of the plug depends mainly on the length of the rolling cone and its contour curve design, because it determines the distribution of the deformation of the law. The length of the rolling cone depends entirely on the actual length of the deformation zone, that is, it depends on the total diameter of the blank, and the cone angle and the angle of feed are also significantly affected. From the total length of the deformation of the total length of the subtraction of the first part of the head before the minimum diameter and the length of the necessary width of the cone, capillary syllabus length, the remaining part is the design of the length of the rolling cone. Taking into account the need to adjust the rolling mill, you can take about 85% of the length of the head as the design of the length of the design. So the design of the head is not easy to occur before and after the card, the adjustment is also more convenient. In recent years, according to the proposed deformation distribution principle, the method of designing the head of the rolling cone is proved to be uniform and easy to wear in the use, and the main drawback is that a lead-through curve is only applicable to one The specifications of the product and the rolling mill to adjust the parameters, but the emergence of tension reduction, head material performance is increasing, to help us overcome this problem.

    The length of the design of the design of the length of a rolling cone (the total length of the deformation of a two times into the required head before the minimum diameter of the minimum length of a necessary wall of the length of a cone length of a capillary section)

     (1) the appropriate ratio of the alloy powder and the production process is the head with excellent performance of the intrinsic factors.

     (2) the length of the rolling cone and its contour curve design determines the end of the life.

Design of molybdenum head

     In the production of steel pipe oblique rolling, the roll is an external deformation tool, the head is equivalent to the deformation tool, and the head working conditions are bad, is a key tool. Common oblique rolling piercing spherical head. Its composition generally includes four parts:


     The role is to change the flow of metal, the gap in the head does not form a direct contact with the hot metal, is conducive to slow down the tip wear and improve service life, hollow head can also be punctured in the intermittent, the lubricant directly into the deformation zone , Improve lubrication conditions, improve perforation efficiency and product quality;

2. wear the cone

     Mainly for processing part, the main role is perforation, wall;

3. are wall cone

     Its main role is the thickness of the whole capillary wall, generally taken as a straight line, and the corresponding work with the roll between the bus to form an equidistant gap. At present, the cone angle is equal to the roll angle of the roll, and the length is generally 1.5 to 2.0 times the pitch of the capillary outlet. The output unit pitch shall be calculated according to the thinnest capillary of the head;

4. Cone

    That is, at the end of the plug, with a slight reverse taper, so as not to scratch the inner surface of the capillary, and play the effect of the weight for the head, for example: for the perforation of the free loosening of the head with a longer cone, the purpose is to make it alone The axis remains level when placed on the guide plate.

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