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Application Analysis of Silicon Carbon Rod Heating Control Mode

In the roaster kiln drag motor frequency control technology applications, should note the following:

  (1) roasting kiln is a large inertia load production equipment, requires a sufficient torque to start, in the choice of the inverter should try to choose the starting torque of the inverter, the inverter capacity should be at least 1 to 2 capacity than the motor capacity grade.

  (2) The torque of the inverter should be adjusted according to the change of load. Only by repeated tests can we find out the running characteristics which are in line with the technical requirements and the safe operation of the motor and the relatively high power factor.

  (3) In order to meet the needs of the cold kiln, the kiln and the emergency kiln, the auxiliary drive of the kiln is indispensable.

  (4) motor selection should pay attention to the motor pole pairs, the motor should run between the frequency of 35 ~ 50 Hz, the frequency is too low, the motor fan air volume is small, poor heat dissipation.

  (5) the inverter room should be well ventilated, the inverter operating ambient temperature should be below 50 ℃, more than one inverter installation site, should be installed air conditioning cooling.

  (6) In order to facilitate the realization of computer automation control, the same process equipment should choose the same manufacturer of the inverter.

  (7) Ming power transformer has long been introduced VT230S series inverter, its performance, control function more perfect, more reasonable. Integrated multi-mode drive, the operation is more simple.